Premium 2000+ Warranty

In order to provide a better offering to our customers, Americas Truck Source has recently partnered with Premium 2000+ Commercial Truck Warranties. We recognize the importance of having a reliable aftermarket extended warranty. Buying this coverage provides essential protection as trucks grow older and gives you peace of mind when a failure occurs.

Being an owner operator of a pre-owned truck requires that you wear many hats in order to run your business. No one wants to get hit with an unexpected engine or aftertreatment repair and having adequate coverage is just smart business sense. It is not a matter of if you have a break down, but when. Major repairs can cost you $1,500 – $40,000 depending on the claim.

By moving to Premium 2000+, we are able to offer a wider range of coverage products with a higher overall industry satisfaction of claim approvals. They have been offering warranty programs for over 25 years. No matter where you are when your equipment decides to fail, they will search their repair facility network of 5000+ shops to find a location that’s convenient for you. With a larger pool of qualified repair centers, you are more likely to find a convenient shop to get your business moving again.

In all cases it is important to keep your truck maintained, archive your maintenance records and follow the insurance claims process. If your truck has an issue do not continue driving it because it could cause your claim to be denied.

If you are interested in renewing, extending or obtaining a new policy please give America’s Truck Source a call and we can get you a quote. In addition, we are able to provide the ability to spread payments over multiple months with PAYLINK.