How Can I Save Money on Fuel Costs?

In 2019 we saw diesel fuel prices increase at higher rates than petrol fuel levels than in previous years. In the US, the fuel gap is at one of its highest level since 2008. We all want to find proven ways to reduce operating cost in order to save money. This can be accomplished by improving the aerodynamics at the rear of your trailers.

Have you ever seen those funny flaps on the back of other trucks and wonder if they really make a difference when driving? These flaps, otherwise known as trailer tails, boat tails, or rear fairings have been shown to reduce fuel consumption by 1%-10%, depending on average speed and load size. This is achieved by airflow at the back of the trailer to reduce the low-pressure vacuum that creates rear drag and decreased fuel efficiency. Since they are exempt from USDOT length restrictions and can easily retract, the tails can be installed without impact to cargo capacity, loading or unloading.

In addition to the fuel savings, a trailer tail can also improve safety by reducing the turbulent airflow that occurs at the back of semi-trailers. The studies by KARCO Engineering have found these devises satisfy all safety requirements regarding visibility of lamps and safety devices as well as impacts and injuries in rear-end collisions.

Many times, the benefits of the trail tail become lost due to failure to deploy the tail before beginning the haul. Some of the newer designs actually incorporate a self-deployment mechanism so that above a certain mile per hour the trail tail will automatically come out and the trailer becomes more aerodynamic all by itself.